Client: Cottonelle

Agency: Kimberly Clark      DOOH Executed by: Rouge Media                                                     

the background 

In today’s world of over-sharing, almost anything can be openly discussed when it comes to sex. But, there’s still one part of sex that nobody openly talks about: how to clean up before and after.


Cottonelle’s moist wipes will offer Canadians who are “getting busy”, a better clean for the bedroom. The activity would demonstrate this via an interactive and engaging experience at during Toronto Pride.



The execution:

  1. A digital touchscreen activation where consumers interacted with emojis on the screen
  2. Sampling activity – consumers who successfully completed the interaction received samples
  3. A consumer brand lift study was created to gauge consumer brand recognition and consumer intent to purchase. Along with the digital touchscreen activation, our team of brand ambassadors conducted the survey as part of the activation, gathering consumer feedback as part of the market research.

The results:



  • 3 days
  • Total surveys completed: 893
  • 'Strokable' screen interactions: 1835+
  • 1 completed interaction every 58 seconds.
  • 100% samples distributed
  • 52% increase from last year’s activity



Consumer reactions:

 79% consumers said they were more likely to buy Cottonelle Flushable Wipes after the interactive experience.

I love that Cottonelle is strategic in this marketing campaign. It’s so smart to do this at Pride – Makes it very relevant and fun! This is definitely a memorable experience.
The eggplant guy is amazing! His dancing attracted my attention. I did not make the association until you guys told me.
“I love the ripple design – it will definitely help with better cleanliness!”
I love that this can easily dissolve in the toilet. I don’t feel so bad using this at the cottage and for camping!
Good on Cottonelle for thinking of our environment!
This smells amazing and it feels so gentle that I’m going to use this on my face too.